About This Blog

We all know that negative cognitions provoke emotional distress and other consequences that will keep us helplessly bound in cycles of inner turmoil. Worse, this dangerous thinking causes harmful behaviors; and if we are to conquer these behaviors, we must naturally alter the thinking that creates them to begin with.

With this in mind, Truly Said™ is written from a desire to facilitate the "Aha" moment, catharsis, or reveleation that will enable you to change your erroneous views of yourself, others, and your environment; and thus change the behaviors that threaten true joy.

The author uses parables, metaphors, similes, and comparisons from nature and human experience to dispel negative and false thinking that can keep you bound.

This is, of course, a proven approach, though. Jesus used parables to teach a moral truth or principle. He used this method powerfully to reinforce His Words: "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (John 8:32, The Living Bible Translation) Although He was the epitome of "truth"—and in fact the very personification and embodiment of truth—The Lord wasn't talking about Himself in that statement. Rather, He was referring to a deep, profound knowing of the "real deal" or the core of a matter; the reality of the facts. Jesus insisted that this kind of truth had the ability to transform our thinking for the greater good of our lives.

It is at this level that false becomes true in the deepest way, possessing the ability eliminate negative cognitions that will imprison you, and keep you imprisoned.

Truly Said™ will write these provocative analogies in five-hundred words or less, challenging you to embrace "the truth that shall set you free." Some entries will be Apostolic and Prophetic; others will be Evangelical and Pastoral. Above all, however, every article is a powerful, practical teaching on life and Godliness.

About the Author

Sharon Sinuel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor (with International Reciprocity). For the last twenty-five years, it has been Sharon's calling to work with male and female probationers and parolees who experience emotional disorders, addiction, and family dysfunction. She has also taught Human Services classes as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Phoenix.

Sharon Sinuel is now retired from the Salvation Army Harbor Light System, as a Clinical Supervisor; and has also retired from teaching. Today, Sharon is answering her call to the Five-Fold Ministry as a Pastor-Teacher. As such, the Lord has given to her a ministry accountability that goes beyond her education and secular profession. Though her heart and specialty are those with emotional dysfunctions, she is anointed to reach all of God's children, and has a special assignment to instruct those who are called to the Pastoral Ministry.